You could have a product – or at least an idea for a product – to sell online, and if you do, you’ll be looking for the best market online on which to sell it. You want to choose an ecommerce platform that offers you everything, so it makes sense that you’ll be torn between Wix vs. Shopify for ecommerce options. Both of these are high quality options to choose from, but it’s a struggle to pick which one, and this article should help!

A Clear Leader

The clear leader when it comes to popularity is Shopify and that’s everywhere over the web! Everyone you ask, every blog and website will talk about how awesome Shopify is, and they won’t be wrong.

Ecommerce Tools

On the flip side, Wix has over 68 million users, and they can’t all be wrong! Wix provides ecommerce tools that compete with the giant that is Shopify, and while not all Wix users sell online, it’s still a compelling option for sellers.


Shopify comes up trumps when it comes to the ecommerce world because it’s designed to give businesses everything that they need to be successful with their online sales. There are over half a million businesses out there that use Shopify around the world, and that speaks volumes!


Wix, on the other hand, offers drag and drop features and easy site building that are perfect for beginners. You can get started quickly with Wix, and it has features designed to get you started.

The Right One

Shopify will always win out over Wix when it comes to online selling. It’s got better themes, it’s easy to use for a first-timer, and you can save a lot of money with Shopify, too!

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