Checkout has been an incredibly beneficial for Instagram users, for both businesses and their customers. The ability to purchase directly from the platform makes it easier than ever for people to shop for products on Instagram, with a 2-step process that means users don’t have to leave the platform to buy the things they’ve been browsing.

To make the most of the feature, you need a strong strategy to help you. Here are some top tips to increase Instagram Checkouts.

Remember to use product tags

Product tags show users that something is shoppable. Using them consistently in all your posts can help people get used to seeing your products available for sale. It also helps to mention it in the caption.

Use multiple methods to drive sales

Make the most of all the available tools to drive sales. Use Instagram stories and your bio to give people additional opportunities to browse and shop your products.

Launch some exclusive Instagram-only products

Want to drive sales and test the effectiveness of the Checkout feature? Try launching Instagram-only products. If they perform well, this could be a strategy worth factoring in for future launches.

Team up with influencers

Creators are also able to promote Shopping features, making influencers very powerful to partner with. Many content creators promote products for other brands and businesses, and can be a way to create an instant sale, instead of sending users away from the platform.


And there you have it. Trying different tactics could help you increase your Instagram Checkout sales, giving your business the boost it needs.

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