Scouring a bunch of e-commerce websites in search of a product to shop for can be a cumbersome process. This is where online shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon come in handy. Google shopping is also one of those platforms, but unlike eBay and Amazon, it isn’t technically an online marketplace. It’s more of an ad platform that allows shoppers to browse a variety of products based on their search queries. Google Shopping Ads are a great way of driving traffic to your e-commerce site to increase conversions.

If you feel like you don’t have a solid understanding of Google Shopping, we’re giving you this guide to help you better understand it and get started with your first Google Shopping campaign. Let’s go!

Introduction to Google Shopping

Google Shopping was called Froogle when it first launched back in 2002. The service basically indexed product data, based on certain search keywords. In 2012, it shifted to a paid advertising model where e-commerce businesses had to pay to get featured in the Google Shopping search results. Then it became a branch of Google AdWords.

How Do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google Shopping allows different retailers to list the products from their e-commerce stores on Google so people can see the shopping ads showing product images, pricing, shipping, and reviews about the products. Customers can search, compare, and shop products from a variety of brands that have paid to advertise their products. It is also known as a Comparison-Shopping Engine that can lead to a lot more sales and you can list as many products as you want.

Google automatically pulls the product data uploaded by merchants and matches them with relevant search queries to display Google Shopping ads. The Average Cost Per Click is $1.16 for e-commerce stores. You pay each time someone clicks on your Shopping Ads. Google Shopping ads are much better than Google AdWords where people can’t see the product details. So, if you’re not advertising your products on Google Shopping, you’re at a severe disadvantage, my friend.

Where do Google Ads Appear?

Google ads appear in different places depending upon the types of ads, how you target your ads keywords, and who you choose to show them to. Google ads can appear on the very top of SERPs or below it along with search results and Google images. They can also appear above, below, or beside the search results on Google Play, Google Maps, or in the Shopping tab.

Benefits of Google Shopping

  • Provides an excellent user experience by adding visual appeal to an otherwise text-heavy searching.
  • They get the top spot in search results which means better visibility.
  • The visual format attracts more clicks which means more revenue.
  • Their clicks account for 85.3% of all Google ads clicks and is proven to have 30% higher conversion rates than text ads.
  • It allows you to show up multiple times on Google search results pages.
  • It is the only way to get ranked on top of search results which provides better-qualified sales opportunities.
  • Put your entire inventory in one place, ready to be advertised.
  • Google ads catch people’s intent and only show up when someone’s query indicates that they are looking to buy something.

How to get started with Google shopping ads for your Online Store?

Getting started with Google Shopping requires time and effort. Just follow these simple steps to set up your account and start running ads.

·     Create Google Merchant Center Account

Sign up for a Google merchant center account to inform Google about your products and get featured in Google Shopping results.

·     Upload your Product Feed Data

Upload your product feed data to Google Merchant Center. This is where your product feed will be stored and you can enable shopping ads and surfaces across Google.

·     Link your Google AdWords Account

By linking Google AdWords with the merchant center, you can build your ad campaigns and advertise your products by running Google Shopping ads.

·     Set up a Google Shopping Campaign

After linking Google AdWords account, you can create a Google Shopping campaign to advertise your products. You can create a shopping campaign through your Google Merchant account or via Google AdWords and can choose between Sales campaigns, Leads campaigns, and Website traffic campaigns.

·     Placing Bids for Shopping Campaigns

Next, choose the type of bidding you’d like to use and set up your campaign budget. Bidding is how much you want to spend on shopping ads.

·     Optimize Product Imagery

Google uses featured images from retail sites to index search results that’s why it’s critical to optimize the product imagery and listing on your website.

·     Target and Schedule your Shopping Campaign

This step in the Google Shopping guide is really important because it decides who is going to see your ads and when. Specify the locations your ad will target, select whether you want your ads to display on Google search partner web besides Google search, and set the start and end dates of your Shopping campaign.

·     Create ad groups

Once you’re done with Google Shopping campaign settings, create ad groups to determine the types of ads and biding for those ads. You can run two types of ads, Showcase Shopping ads or Product Shopping ads.



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