Before the beginning of the digital era, starting a business was quite a difficult process because you needed a physical location to run a store, and not every entrepreneur had the budget to buy their own real estate. But thank God those days are long gone, and, with the evolution of the internet, anyone can start their own business without having to worry about physical foot traffic. If you are eager to expand your online business in 2021, you must invest in your online presence to get more valued leads and earn more profit. However, with so many eCommerce platforms for small businesses available it can be overwhelming to decide which platform is right for you to build your unique brand. To save you time and trouble, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular eCommerce platforms for small businesses you can choose from. Here we go.


If you are looking for a super affordable and easy-to-use eCommerce platform, Shopify is the answer. This website builder has a user-friendly interface and you don’t have to be tech-savvy or know coding to build your website. It has a broad range of responsively designed themes for all kinds of businesses that look modern, are relatively easy to customize, and also receive updates from time to time. It comes with built-in dropshipping tools, essential for any small business, a robust inventory management system, and multichannel selling options including Amazon and eBay. Also, Shopify has a 24/7 customer support team to answer your queries, and they offer fraud analysis to ensure customer safety.

Wix eCommerce

Wix is an ideal choice if your store has a small product range. It flawlessly handles the job of covering the fundamentals of an online store to deliver exceptional performance. Wix e-Commerce helps you built your online store within a few clicks of the drag and drop store builder. You can easily create a customized storefront by adding or removing features to your liking. Wix has many beautifully designed website themes to choose from when you design your site. It allows you to manage the store through a mobile app. They have introduced tons of advanced features to support digital products, custom email receipts, and let you connect to print-on-demand services, Instagram shop tagging, automatic cart recovery, and recurring payment products.


WooCommerce is an excellent eCommerce solution that has caught the attention of companies worldwide. It is built on a WordPress Content Management System. This makes it easy to build your own online store that is functional for an eCommerce business. This plugin is particularly popular among small businesses that are already using WordPress in some capacity. WooCommerce plugin comes with a variety of extensions you can use to run your store with ease. It makes it easy for shoppers to see your products and buy them. WooCommerce allows you to build a completely customizable site for your business. However, it is an open-source plugin so you’ll need a good amount of technical knowledge to use it.


Squarespace is an excellent option for companies that want creative control over various expects of their site. If you want a website builder that’s simple yet sophisticated, Squarespace is the one. You can build an attractive website within minutes with a selection of themes and modern templates. No plugins or coding skills are required. Squarespace allows you to access their inventory management system which helps to keep track of your inventory. Other advanced features include integration with social media networks, SSL security, and free domain access with a yearly plan of your choice.


It’s one of the best eCommerce options for smaller businesses that have big ambitions. If your online store sells across multiple platforms then BigCommerce could just be the tool you’re looking for. It helps you scale your business while keeping the costs as low as possible. You can explore a vast selection of sales features. You can even unlock some amazing SEO tools to optimize your site’s visibility on Google.


Weebly is designed to deliver a simple and user-friendly way to start selling online. It is one of the eCommerce platforms that caters to small businesses with the cheapest rates possible. If you’re a solopreneur, Weebly is an ideal choice to start your own small-scale eCommerce business. Absolutely no tech skills required. Besides, there is a wide selection of professional themes and integrated apps to choose from. Some fantastic additional features include blogging, password-protected pages, and secure transactions. Though Weebly lacks some eCommerce capabilities and integrations, it’s still a great option for businesses selling a handful of products.


Magento is used by some of the biggest and successful brands around the globe. It allows you to create an online store that can work flawlessly with brick-and-mortar locations as well. It’s an open-source platform and allows you to add tools and offers enterprise-level solutions. It’s relatively hard to use and you’ll need some technical knowledge to create something unique. But, no worries, there is a community in Magneto that’s ready to help you create your dream website.

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