One of the biggest questions that you’ll ask yourself in marketing is how much social media advertising costs. Social media is growing as one of the biggest areas for your marketing budget, so it makes sense to ask the right questions. As a business, you want to know that you can go beyond all of the free tools if you want to, and these are some of the costs that you should be considering:


Your monthly ad spend for Facebook can range between $200-1500, which means that a big chunk of your budget can go here. Your campaign management is also at a high cost, with prices between $1000-2500. You might want to also consider a minimum budget from $1 per day for impressions and $5 per day for views, likes and clicks. These are only average numbers and it all depends on your budget and what you spend.


Your monthly ad spend for Instagram is exactly the same as Facebook – they’re owned by the same company! This means that the monthly campaign management and minimum budget spend is also the same! The costs will be similar but the way in which your page performs can differ, remember that!


Twitter has a smaller user base, which is worth remembering. However, with over 250 million users, that’s still a huge chunk of people! Your monthly ad spend and monthly campaign management costs will match Facebook and Instagram, but there is no minimum budget here, which can make a big difference to your budget.

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