Businesses of all shapes and sizes, operating in all sorts of industries, have turned to the use of influencers to raise brand awareness and maximise sales. Put simply, influencers are often individuals who have a large following on social media platforms. When they feature or promote a product, the product receives mass exposure to their audience – who will largely be your target demographic – helping to familiarise potential customers with your brand, familiarise them with the products you offer and potentially convert sales. A new element of influencer marketing? Livestream shopping.

Put simply, livestream shopping (also commonly referred to as “live shopping”) is a marketing strategy that sees an influencer promote your product through a live social media video. This is reminiscent of home shopping TV shows, where someone would demonstrate a product and engage with potential customers watching in real time. Of course, livestream shopping is a modernised version that is better adapted to younger or more tech savvy audiences. Rather than tuning into their TV, they will tune in via social media.

The benefits of livestream shopping, for businesses, are numerous. Not only does your target demographic get to see your product in more detail than they would through a simple photograph post, they also get to see it in action. They can see how it’s used and its results, giving them more confidence in their purchase. You can also target a significant number of people at once, especially if you get your chosen influencer to stream during peak times.

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