FAQs are an essential element of any website that is looking to raise brand awareness, sell products and generally make a profit. FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”, which means having FAQs on your website can help to clear up user queries without the need for customers to get in touch with a member of staff working for your company. Most companies now have a dedicated FAQs page, as well as product-specific FAQs at the bottom of their product listings.

Of course, customer service is extremely important and you should have a member of your team available to answer queries – online, mobile or otherwise – during your working hours. But FAQs on-site can answer customers’ questions out of hours and can secure sales for customers who don’t want to wait for a response, or who aren’t comfortable emailing or speaking on the phone.

But how do you write effective FAQs for your site? Well, the first step you need to take is to determine what questions your customers regularly ask. Whoever deals with customer queries should be able to provide you with this information. Next, you need to form a short, concise and clear answer that can be easily understood and that covers all potential follow-on questions too. Consider how you would answer these questions in person and make sure to convert them into written content effectively. You may also want to focus on keywords, ensuring that these are included should someone turn to a search engine for answers. This can direct them back to your site, encouraging them down the sales funnel.

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