When you are using your YouTube channel with your business, you should want to know how to increase your YouTube watch time. Your engagement is important if you want to appeal to the people using your website and listening to what you have to say. The more people watching your videos, the more you will pop up in the recommended videos for others. The YouTube algorithm will help you to be more visible, so here are a few tips to help you to increase your YouTube watch time.

Start Strong

Your YouTube videos should have strong introductions. You need to hook your audience and the way to do it is to make sure that your introductions in your videos grab their attention. The first fifteen seconds are what hooks people in, and that means that you have to make your framing compelling, and you should speak directly to the viewer. Ask a question, pique their curiosity and offer the viewer a preview!


Whatever you’ve included in your introduction should be delivered in the course of the video, no matter how long it is. You need to hook your audience but you must deliver on the hook if you want them to keep coming back or you want them to “thumb up” your business.

Break It Up

Each video can be segmented into chapters so that the viewer can be prepared for what comes next. When you do this, you can ensure that you are delivering on your promises as you can see them unfold.

Add Your Keywords

Your captions should include the valuable keywords that hook your audience. Look for YouTube specific keywords, too, as then people will be attracted to your videos this way.

Be A StoryTeller

This is your space to tell a story about your business – everyone listens to stories! They’re easier to digest if they’re not too long, too!

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