Are you interested in learning how to go viral with your content? It is standard practice for a marketer to daydream about their content going viral. I mean, the ultimate goal of creating content is for that content to be seen, right? So, who wouldn’t want theirs to catch fire…the more eyes the merrier. Here’s the catch, you have to be realistic. Going viral doesn’t happen to everyone and it certainly doesn’t happen every single time. Keep your expectations in check and you’ll set yourself up for less disappointment. With that said, here are some suggestions to make it happen:

1. Rule number one: CREATE QUALITY CONTENT!

People can read right through the bs. If your content lacks authenticity or interesting information, visuals, etc. it’s just not going to engage people. That’s the truth. So, whether it’s a video, a blog post, a product, a graphic…or something else, make sure it’s the kinda thing that offers value and something of interest to those who will see it. You’d be surprised how much “stuff” is put out there without any consideration for the kind of response it will garner.

2. Refine your social profiles

This goes hand-in-hand with quality branding. Make sure your info on your social profiles is legit and consistent. Make sure you come across as a trustworthy source. People will be turned off instantly if there is something questionable about your social profiles – make sure they have the same information about you or your business on every single one of them. Make sure your links are up to date, your logo is correct, your website, your description…put some thought and care into the details.

3. Partner with influencers (they can help you go viral)

Needless to say, influencers are a big deal in today’s world. Their word, their support, their promotion can carry a lot of weight, particularly if they’re one of the bigger ones. So, do your research, consider using an influencer platform to manage the engagements. There are so many of them out there now – like aspireiq, klear, intellifluence, upfluence, or others.

4. Know your audience.

This really should be at the top of the list. Creating any sort of content without knowing who you’re creating the content for is kinda like driving with your eyes closed. Getting down to the nitty gritty of where they are, what they do, what they like…demographics, etc. All of those details will help you figure out who you’re talking to and how to talk to them. THAT should drive the content you create, which will help you reach the right people the right way.

5. Tug at heartstrings (getting at people’s emotions works) – inspire, be funny, etc.

The best sales people know connecting with a person’s emotions is the best way to get to them. The same goes for creating content that with WORK. And by work, I mean engage…and when someone is engaged in what you’re putting out there, they’re more likely to share it with others. Think to yourself, is this going to incite an emotion out of people? If so, good job. If not, keep working. Even if what you’re inciting is sadness, it’s a big emotion that might just push your readers/viewers/listeners to do something about. Don’t judge the emotion you’re going after, just think about the tone you want to convey. Then go after it…

6. Last but not least…share other people’s content, not just your own.

If all you’re doing is sharing your own stuff, you’re going to come across as inauthentic. Here’s why. If you’re TRULY a thought leader in your space, then you’re out there researching and strategizing and seeing what other people are doing. You’re scouring the news. You’re up on the latest trends. You have to be. So, let that be known. Don’t set yourself up to be seen as a know it all. Set yourself up to be someone who is out there finding the best stuff and helping others see it too. Be part of the community and then the community will work for you.

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