What is Growth Hacking?

If you’ve heard the term “growth hacking” thrown around, you’re probably interested in what it is and how it could benefit you. Put simply, growth hacking is an umbrella term for business strategies that are entirely focused on the growth of the company. It is something most commonly used by start-ups that are aiming for significant growth in a short period of time, while only requiring a relatively small budget. This may seem like a lot to ask, but with growth hacking, it is possible.

Growth Hack Strategies

The majority of growth hacking strategies tend to focus on acquiring as many customers or users as possible for as little upfront money as possible. A growth hacker is someone who will use creative and low-cost strategies to help the businesses they are working with to acquire and also retain new customers. You may also hear these individuals referred to as growth marketers, but their experience tends to spread beyond marketing alone. They will review all aspects of a business to maximize their productivity. They will use a multi-step process, including focusing on strategies, hypothesizing outcomes, and testing their work. They can then analyze results and scale growth.

Finding a growth hacker is simple. The best way to go about it tends to be through an agency. Here, you will be able to find growth hackers who are experienced and know what they’re doing. They are more likely to be dedicated to your projects and you can also generally check reviews to see how others found their services.

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