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Ship Directly From the Supplier to Your Purchaser Without Carrying Inventory.

Dropshipping is one way of selling online, but the concept is to avoid needlessly holding inventory. So you decide on what you want to sell and instead of purchasing it at wholesale/cost, you have the supplier ship it direct to your purchaser. 

While dropshipping sounds like a simple concept, in reality it is a bit more complicated. Many people decide to try it out thinking they will easily make $, but the truth of the matter is that you need to understand a few things, and you also need to be willing to try a few things before that happens.

Website Design – Your site and the template you use are crucial. Consider the following:

  • Do you plan on selling many products or just one?
  • Do you plan on having a general store or one built for a targeted niche? 

Winning Products – You can have all the products in the world, but if the space is too saturated and pricing is already too competitive for you to make a profit, then this won’t work. Again, research research research…

Suppliers – Is AliExpress the right one for you and your audience? Or do you want a  US-based supplier? Again, do your research:) We can help guide you.

Merchant Processing/Payments – PayPal (and Shopify) is not always dropshipping friendly, so we recommend having a Merchant processor in place to handle your payments. Do you research. We cannot stress this enough.

Advertising – Do you have a budget that will help you get in front of potential buyers? What kinds of ads (and what channels) make the most sense? 




Services and Pricing:

PLEASE NOTE: Because dropshipping can be executed so many different ways, we only offer custom pricing.