Best Shopify Apps of 2019

One thing to note: If you have a higher-end or premium theme with some built-in eComm extras (i.e. Shoptimized) you’ll likely need fewer (of these) apps listed below. If you install a more basic or free theme, however, you’ll likely need most if not all of them because they won’t automatically come with the theme itself. Hope these help! As a rule of thumb, try not to overload your site with Apps when starting out. They add up cost wise, and they can and do slow down your site over time if you have too many of them.

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My Personal Marketing Journey

I'll try to keep this relatively concise.  But, I doubt I'll succeed.

I started my professional journey during my undergrad years at Connecticut College, studying Fine Art as well and Animation. I landed an internship during the summer between my Junior and Senior years at a start-up animation/VR firm based outside of Boston. I'd always imagined ending up in Boston one day after college, but for some reason I didn't. And the few years following graduation landed me back home in Maryland where I continued my studies at Johns Hopkins, earning a certificate in Multimedia/Web Design. This in turn led me to my first professional (paying) gig as a full-time Graphic Designer for the United States Navy in Washington, DC...Read More... 

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How to Find Remote Gigs?

Once upon a time this was a harder task than it is today. Interestingly enough though, I've been doing the remote thing for a long time. In fact, my first "real" job out of college was working for the World Adult Kickball League (WAKA), now known as WAKA Kickball and Social Sports.  I started out making $25K a year as a Customer Service Rep, but the beauty that attracted me to it in the first place was (not only the Kickball factor) but the idea that I could do it anywhere I wanted. All I needed was a desk and a laptop and I spent my days responding to customer inquiries and going to kickball games and bars. This was back in 2004. I found the job posted on Craigslist...Read More... 

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