Did you know that you can get penalized for managing your website incorrectly by Google? The following list of Google penalties and how to recover from them should teach you what you need to know!

AMP Content Mismatch

The Accelerated Mobile Pages version and the master copy of your website should be the same. If they differ, Google will end up serving the wrong version to your users and that affects their experience. You need the versions to be the same to recover from that penalty.

Cloaked Images

If the search engines see something different to the user, Google will penalize you and exclude your images from the search. Ensuring that these matches eliminate this!

Sneaky Redirects

A penalty can be issued when a search engine sees different content from the user, and you can recover from this with an SEO audit of the web page to see if the crawlers see something and experience something different from the user.

Keyword Stuffing

A sure way to a slap on the wrist, Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing! If crawlers see excessive keyword use, they’ll incur penalties as it abuses the search rankings. Audit your site properly to ensure that you don’t have an oversaturation of keywords.


Google will penalize aggressive spamming and this includes automated content and cloaking. You can clean this up with a website that doesn’t have a spam rating. You have to earn back Google’s trust when this happens so that you can avoid further penalties.

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