Having a well-thought-out e-commerce digital marketing strategy is essential for your online store to grow and be successful. Without a comprehensive e-commerce marketing plan to drive brand awareness and boost sales, you’re at a severe disadvantage no matter how user-friendly or eye-catching your site may be.

Ecom marketing is super complicated and as the marketplace algorithms and marketing tactics are evolving, competition has also increased and you’ll need to make more efforts to drive targeted traffic to your site. In this article, we are going to unpack 10 killer e-commerce marketing strategies you can’t miss if you have an e-commerce store.

Search Engine Optimization

Customers need to be able to find your online store. Incorporating e-commerce search engine optimization tactics will help to drive traffic to your e-commerce website by increasing visibility over time. We recommend putting some effort and time into optimizing your product pages in terms of SEO and design. Do some keyword research and figure out what people are searching for your product and make that your product title. Write an appealing description and include the keyword and phrases that shoppers use to find your products to boost incoming leads and maximize sales.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is incredibly helpful in generating traffic to your e-commerce website while you establish your organic rankings. Particularly if you’re just starting to market your e-commerce website, you’ll need to rely on PPC ads to drive traffic to your site. Through Google ads, set your ads to display when people search for certain keywords. If people don’t click on the ads, you don’t need to pay anything. PPC ads are often paid by themselves if you target the right keywords.

Schema Markup

Make sure you have schema markup on your product pages to help search engines index them properly. It means that when somebody searches you on Google, they’ll see product cards that will show your product image and some information on the Google search page before they even go to your website. It will give you an upper hand over your competitors and make you more visible organically to potential customers.

Running Google Shopping ads

Implementing Google shopping is essential for effective e-commerce marketing. It shows people products related to their Google searches and when they click on an item they’re steered directly to the seller’s website. Showing the product image with price get highly targeted clicks. Even if the customers don’t make a purchase, it’s a great way to get them familiar with your brand and build a warm audience.

Influencer Marketing

One of the popular eCommerce marketing strategies is to encourage your fans to make content for you in exchange for an incentive. That’s effective because user-generated content seems more believable for customers than the brand’s own content. It’s a great way to maintain the legitimacy of your brand and customers mainly rely on influencer recommendations when buying something

Voice search is going to be one of the biggest trends in eCommerce marketing strategies in 2021.  No one likes to type their questions and find it convenient to use their voice to search for the products. The brands that optimize their website content for voice search will get more organic traffic and the competitions will only get tougher in the future. That’s why marketers should start optimizing their content for voice search.

Social Marketing

Let’s get social! Why? Well, it’s the best way to get the word out about your products, events, and promotions, considering the fact that around 71% of adults use social media. SMM is regarded as one of the most recommended eCommerce marketing strategies. You can reach your targeted market through popular social media platforms and can build a customer base. Your satisfied customers are more likely to share your products which can help boost your store rankings.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are part of a solid content marketing strategy necessary for driving traffic, clicks, and purchases. You can advertise new products, share the latest updates, offer coupons, and remarket your products via email. Encourage your visitors to add their email addresses or subscribe to your email to receive the latest updates and discounts.

Make Product Videos

Make sure to make some product videos to explain little details about your products. Videos are ranked higher on the first pages in the search result and can be immensely valuable to drive traffic and revenue. If you want your brand to win in 2021, post product videos on your product pages, and create a YouTube channel to answer relevant questions to customers.

Run Facebook and Instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are the biggest breadwinners for e-commerce stores today. If you have a business that is visually appealing and benefits can be portrayed through the pictures and video ads, running Facebook and Instagram ads can bring a lot more sales to your business.

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