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Experts in eCommerce.

The Phila.Digital team is comprised of experts who know what it takes to build websites and get found online. Our specialty is e-Commerce. We come together from a variety of industry standpoints so our collective perspective is all encompassing. From design to analytics we’ve got you covered. And because of that, we’ll be the ones to offer you advice on things you didn’t even think to ask.

Our team philosophy is to leave our egos at the door, as we believe strongly that everyone is (or should be) in a constant state of learning (including us) and there’s no harm in asking questions about things you’re unsure of.

We would be grateful for you to include us on your upcoming journey and process. We find these projects exciting and hope to bring success to your project.


ecommerce web development


Digital Marketing


Graphic design


eCommerce Web Development

As a Shopify Partner, we’ve come to know and love that platform above all others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play nicely elsewhere, it just means that would be our platform/recommendation of choice. We’ve spent plenty of time using Wordpress and Squarespace, among others. We are equipped to handle the entirety of your site development, from theme customization, image sourcing, SEO, graphic design, app implementation, to merchandising and list exports to the different sales channels you might want to explore like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and more. We’ve helped launched multiple B2C and Dropshipping shopping experiences, so take a pick, and let’s discuss your goals and strategy.


Graphic Design

From printed brochures and multi-page documents, to online banners and even illustrations or logos, we’ve got you covered. Our designers are unique in that they’re traditionally trained in painting and drawing, so they understand how to make use of visual elements using compositional techniques they’ve been honing for years. If you’re looking to build a brand, discover a unique color scheme, or just need a quick logo turned around, we’re happy to step up to the plate to make your wishes a reality.